Pre and Post Surgical Instruction Form




FASTING: Fasting for Children:  This is for your safety! Do not eat for at least 6 hours (8 hours for 10 yo or older)  prior to the appointment. Avoid solid food, milk, and breast milk. Please clean your car/car seat of food and liquids.

Severe complications may occur if food is present in the stomach during anesthesia. A charge may be applied for any appointment cancellation due to unapproved liquid or food intake.


Clear liquids are allowed up until 3 hours ( 4 hours for 10yo or older) prior to the appointment. Safe liquids include water, apple juice, grape juice, clear sodas, Jell-O, and popsicles (no solid fruit, or dairy or whip cream).


Fasting for Adults: fast for 8 hours for food, and 4 hours for clear liquids as above.


CLOTHING:  Wear short sleeved T-shirt

   Bring a small Blanket
   Bring Diapers, pull-ups, and extra change of clothes for children

   Bring a stroller to carry children home

   Remove all jewelry, watch, hair ornaments, pony tails


MEDICATION:  Do not stop taking any medications before consulting your anesthesiologist.


HEALTH STATUS:  If you have a cold or an acute asthma attack within 2 weeks prior to the scheduled appointment, please call our office.




SUPERVISION:  All patients  must have an escorted driver to leave the office. Please allows 30 minutes to 1-hour recovery time before leaving our office. A child must be in a car seat and wear a seat belt. After the procedure, you will be drowsy, with poor balance and coordination for about 6-8 hours. Children need to be supervised for the rest of the day. Avoid stairs, running, climbing, or playing outdoors. Schooling is generally permitted the next day. In some instances, a child may react in a combative manner similar to a temper tantrum. Adults are not to drive automobiles or operate machinery for the rest of the day until recovery is completed.


EATING/DRINKING:  Minor side effects such as drowsiness, dry throat, shivering, headaches, and dizziness are common. Nausea may be present but vomiting is less common.

Avoid all food and liquids for 2 hour after leaving the office. Take clear liquids such as juice, water or clear soda for 2 additional hours. Diet may be slowly advanced to soft foods such as milk, cereal, Jello, pudding, yogurt, bread, bananas,  etc as tolerated.  Avoid meat, cheese, ice cream, soup for 6 hours. Pain and low-grade fever should be treated with Tylenol® or Ibuprofen®. Please notify Dr. Tran or your dentist if the temperature is higher than 100.5 F, or vomiting continues for more than 6 hours. Dr. Tran can be reached after hours at 571-243-4451.