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Who will be providing my anesthesia, and has this person been trained to give anesthesia?

Ask your dentist about his/her anesthesia provider's experience in office sedation. Dr. Tran has dedicated his practice to dental sedation since 1996 and has provided care for over 14,000 patients.  Our  decades long safety record  speaks for itself.

At Olympic Anesthesia, all anesthesia  are provided by an anesthesiologist ( a physician MD). We do not subcontract nurse or part-time doctors ( moonlighters) for your care. To find a dentist’s office that chooses our services near you, please click on our office LOCATION menu tab.  Click here ->


Ideally, anesthesia should be delivered by an anesthesiologist who, as a physician, is medically trained to evaluate your health, decide whether you are a good candidate for the procedure and then determine what medications are best for you.   If that person is not a physician, please consult with your dentist.


Who are physician anesthesiologists?


Today’s anesthesiologists are physicians who complete a four-year college program, four years of graduate medical school training and four more years of anesthesiology residency. Their primary role in the operating room is not only to ensure your sedation during surgery, but also to make informed medical judgement in case of emergencies. Vital signs such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure are monitored and maintained as they are affected by the surgery being performed.  


May I choose my anesthesiologist?


Please choose one of our dental offices under the Location menu tab for a consultation. Click here  ->

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