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Thank you for choosing us to be the healthcare provider for your dental care. At Olympic Anesthesia PC, we are one of the largest office based anesthesia services in Northern VA. Twenty of the best local pediatric and general dentists prefer our services.


This year marks the 23rd year of IV sedation services by Olympic Anesthesia. We claim the bragging rights to a remarkable record of over 14,000 patients. The majority of them are children between the ages of one through ten. No other anesthesia service provider even comes close to our excellent safety record and unmatched long-term experience.


Since 1996, we have dedicated our practice to office based procedures and dental work for children. Unlike other anesthesia providers, we do not work full-time in the hospital and then “moonlight” in dental offices. Safety is our utmost priority. Others may claim to be the best anesthesiologists; we simply are trying to be the safest practice in dental anesthesia.


Unlike hospital based general anesthesia, IV (intravenous) sedation does not require a breathing tube or a ventilator. Similar to a wisdom teeth surgery, IV sedation allows the patient to maintain his natural breathing with supplemental oxygen. The technique allows for quicker recovery with less side effects. IV sedation is the recommended standard of care by the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) not general anesthesia.


You can find us under the (location) menu tab for one of our qualified dentist nearest to you. Thank you.




Anh Andy Tran MD

Board Certified Anesthesiologist

Founder, Olympic Anesthesia PC

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